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Local Journalism

I have been writing and reporting for a local newspaper for six years. Please click on the following links to read my articles:

May 2017: Follow the signs to circle the capital (The Archer)
October 2016: Riding to Edinburgh ... the hard way (The Archer)
October 2016: Buzz builds around honey from local hives (The Archer)
June 2016: Take the plunge in wild and beautiful spots (The Archer)
March 2016: Chocolatier who is always in season (The Archer)
January 2016: Watch the birdies (The Archer)
December 2015: International flavour in a Polish deli (The Archer)
November 2015: Sophie takes us into her kitchen (The Archer)
November 2015: Caffeine and celluloid (The Archer)
September 2015: Happy to be here (The Archer)
September 2015: Life inside a Russian prison (The Archer)
July 2015: Glorious greenery (The Archer)
June 2015: Thriller writer brings a real-world twist (The Archer)
March 2015: Worries over school expansion (The Archer)
February 2015: Yesterday's news today (The Archer)
December 2014: Andrew makes light work of new career (The Archer)
November 2014: Meet Archie's distant relative (The Archer)
September 2014: Style Council back in season (The Archer)
July 2014: Charity chic from Mary Portas (The Archer)
May 2014: Get ready to vote (The Archer)
May 2014: Live comedy at the Phoenix (The Archer)
March 2014: Burglary hotspots: we're in the top 5! (The Archer)
March 2014: Smell of fresh bread (The Archer)
February 2014: Bin service: "4 in 5 are satisfied" (The Archer)
December 2013: Residents trash new rubbish and recycling system (The Archer)
November 2013: Why drumming is good for the soul (The Archer)
October 2013: Woman and child hurt in collision (The Archer)
October 2013: Nigh-on 50 years in the flower trade (The Archer)
August 2013: Crystal Palace and back ... by bike! (The Archer)
July 2013: Network for new mums ... and their babes in arms (The Archer)
May 2013: Academy places filling up (The Archer)
February 2013: Hoffman hot-foots it to the Phoenix (The Archer)
February 2013: MP backs new free school (The Archer)
February 2013: The Archer at 20: Archie the icon (The Archer)
January 2013: Squadron flying high (The Archer)
December 2012: School names the place (The Archer)
December 2012: No action at "eyesore" building site (The Archer)
December 2012: A normal life after hair loss (The Archer)
November 2012: Clash over changes to Victorian house (The Archer)
October 2012: Small businesses question council's stance (The Archer)
September 2012: Festival on the Grange Estate (The Archer)
September 2012: The Games Makers (The Archer)
August 2012: Mosquito comes out of retirement (The Archer)
July 2012: Slip into something speedy (The Archer)
July 2012: Waste plant inquiry suspended (The Archer)
July 2012: Come to the Cabaret (The Archer)
June 2012: Dismore on London Assembly (The Archer)
June 2012: Hero or villain? (The Archer)
May 2012: New councillor for East Finchley (The Archer)
May 2012: Give us your brass (The Archer)
May 2012: Parking changes call time on Watch Factory (The Archer)
April 2012: Juice Bar close to running dry (The Archer)
March 2012: Abandoned dogs in need of new homes (The Archer)
March 2012: Time out to watch bird life (The Archer)
January 2012: Angela's pudding watched by millions (The Archer)
January 2012: Count your chickens (The Archer)
December 2011: Bald Faced Stag in Good Beer Guide (The Archer)
December 2011: Recycling bins disappear (The Archer)
November 2011: 40 years for family store (The Archer)
November 2011: Residents braced for impact of new flats (The Archer)
October 2011: N2 Cricket Club reaches the finals (The Archer)
September 2011: Pottiness goes to the West End (The Archer)
July 2011: Novelist in his 90s (The Archer)
July 2011: Radio Phoenix (The Archer)
June 2011: Nothing to be embarrassed about (The Archer)
June 2011: Bird walk in the woods (The Archer)

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