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26th April 2018: The Ghouls and Ghosts of Dartmoor (Rabbie's)
8th August 2017: The Murderers and Smugglers of Old Rye (Rabbie's)
16th June 2017: The Best King Arthur Sites for History Lovers (Rabbie's)
11th May 2017: Our 5 Favourite English Cathedrals (Rabbie's)
10th January 2017: How London's Churches Got Their Unusual Names (Londonist)
15th December 2016: A Brief History of London's Christmas Traditions (Londonist)
11th November 2016: Tunnel Vision (Times Literary Supplement, issue no. 5928)
20th October 2016: How London's Markets Got Their Names (Londonist)
13th October 2016: Who Exactly Are The Ghosts Of London? (Londonist)
1st September 2016: Is It True That Only Six People Died In The Great Fire? (Londonist)
5th August 2016: How London's Docks Got Their Names (Londonist)
29th July 2016: Birdwatching at the East India Dock Basin (Wildlife Articles)
28th July 2016: The Title Time Forgot (Backpass, issue no. 51)
15th July 2016: How London's Castles And Palaces Got Their Names (Londonist)
7th July 2016: How London's Squares Got Their Names (Londonist)
29th June 2016: What impact will Brexit have on the European Health Insurance Card? (EHIC Application UK)
17th June 2016: Weekend Walks: The Greenway (Beckton to Hackney) (Londonist)
25th May 2016: Where To Find Bits of Poland In London (Londonist)
20th May 2016: Weekend Walks: The New River Path (Londonist)
20th May 2016: Pole Position (The Jellied Eel, issue no. 51)
13th May 2016: Do You Know All These Secret Bunkers in London? (Londonist)
4th May 2016: You wear the city (Times Literary Supplement, issue no. 5901)
29th April 2016: Weekend Walks: Lea Valley Walk (Londonist)
15th April 2016: Weekend Walks: The Pymmes Brook Trail (Londonist)
25th March 2016: Weekend Walk: Beautiful Views in Mill Hill (Londonist)
17th March 2016: Weekend Walks: Regent's Canal Towpath From Camden to Limehouse (Londonist)
1st February 2016: The Best Walk for a Date in London (Londonist)
19th December 2015: Weekend Walk: Four Royal Parks (Londonist)
10th November 2015: Deaths, Cancellations and Land Rovers: 800 Years of the Lord Mayor's Show (Londonist)
6th October 2015: James Bond and the Second World War (The James Bond Dossier)
29th September 2015: How London's sporting venues got their names (Londonist)
25th September 2015: Weekend Walk: Flask-to-Flask in Highgate and Hampstead (Londonist)
24th August 2015: Little bits of Canada in London (Londonist)
22nd August 2015: Weekend Walk: Woolwich to Falconwood on the Capital Ring (Londonist)
13th August 2015: How the Tube lines got their names (Londonist)
4th August 2015: What can spy novelists learn from the enduring popularity of The Thirty-Nine Steps? (New Statesman)
22nd October 2014: Swimming with a loon (Nature Conservancy Canada)

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